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Fresh Start

cocoon time

an update on life in the small town

check out warriormare's story!

i got pounded!

fun news for a change!

strange dreams

thanks to cheeky!

my husband is sooo funny

it finally happened

RevGals Friday 5: What's in a name?

does it ever slow down?

warning: hot vent ahead, albeit a bit revised


weekend adventures, II

weekend adventures, I


The Big Read

RevGal Friday 5: the fireworks edition

my kind of heaven

best day ever!

a few differences

RevGal Friday 5: Word Association

time flies

a sneak peak of my office!

another goofy sign

just FYI

things that make you say "hmm..." or "what the #$@!"

RevGal Friday 5: Taking in the View

our Wishbone

The Book of Uncommon Prayer

for the cheeky chaplain

tag! i'm it but you might just be next!

RevGal Friday 5: Garage Sale!

rambling thoughts

grey's anatomy

does this book sound familiar?



the changes have started to brew

RevGal Friday Five: Travel Edition

first appointment