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Looking for a little help/advice/critique/etc.

Altar time

frustration with this process

Reflections for the First Sunday of Advent

Friday 5: Don't Stand So Close to Me Edition

AMC (American Movie Classics) Brillance

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Ramblings from an ill, V saturated mind

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Christianity 21, Friday Update

lost in a morning haunt

haunted (?)

being the parent of a teenage girl stinks

haunted...not so much

A few thoughts on Mark 10:2-16

Happy October

Sunshine Cleaning

What I didn't say

Not "feelin" it

To be queen

iPOD nano wins!

rumblings in my head

Frustrations run amok

Book Recomendation: The Year of Living Biblically

RevGal Friday 5: Child's Play Edition (Chucky not included)

Thank you


Update from the Karrsonage

Heroes: June 19 & 20

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Heroes: June 17