we're not going. the offer was rescinded. apparently i was "googled" and the folks didn't like my facebook, myspace, nor my blog and found it terribly offensive.

i'm not sure what the exact issue was but it's over now. i've apologized and humbled myself before my home conference and it at least looks hopeful. my d.s. was extremely pastoral and understanding.

no worries--both the family and i are doing fine. i was crushed this morning but as i remembered that i happen to like who i am, believe that God called me to ministry because of who i am and not inspite of it, it all got better.

i am relieved that this happened now rather than later. at least we did not move to "nowhere" and become totally isolated and experience the animosity they apparently felt towards me. i've lived in small towns before and know that often what folks feel about parents gets put on the children and that would have been very very very bad. mamma lions don't take kindly to anyone picking on her cubs.

as my wise d.s. stated, "God will take this and make it for the good." Amen!

one of the things my hubby and i have wondered is if my tats had any bearing on their decision. i recieved an email from a future parishioner on monday that said that i should hush up about the cross tattoo i got with my sisters while at General Conference. the funny thing is that i have had an appointment to get Mary Magadelene tattooed on my person for nearly a month and today was the day!

there will be pictures tomorrow, she's got to stay underwraps for the night.



Anonymous said…
Having endured the intolerance of my ex's holy place of worship towards my son, I can think this will be a blessing in the long run. It still blows my mind that so many 'Christians' have such narrow, unyielding minds and are so very hypocritical.

This week we can have a 'welcome home' party. :)
Mary Beth said…
Holy freaking smoke.

You sound very okay with this. I am praying for you and yours.
Anonymous said…
Maybe you should have started by not calling us "NOWHERE." Maybe it is the best that you aren't coming here. I don't think we are hypocritical just don't want someone leading our church who cusses so much. Not wanting the children that are special to me to be brought up like that.
She Rev said…
Wow! I'm glad you're seeing blessings in this. I'm not in an appointment system so the whole thing sounds so foreign to me. I pray for your peace and happiness and LOTS OF FUN with your kiddos and hubby while you wait to see what God has in store for you!!!

You are called!!!

Oh, how awful!

I don't understand that kind of judgement, but if that's how they are, you're better off without them!

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