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Wade in the Water--UMC Southern Jurisdictional Clergy Women's Conference

I just made my flight reservations and completed my online registration!  If there are any RevGals going it'd be great to have a mini-meet up!

I've never been to New Orleans and I'll be rooming with one of my favorite women in the whole world--possibly 2 of them! 

I need to double check but I think there is even a Tennessee Williams festival going on that week!  I can hardly wait!

RevGal Friday 5: Ministry Perks

kathrynzj asks "What are the perks of ministry for you?" Thanks for asking kathrynzj! 

My 5 favorite perks of ministry
We only work 1 day a week!  Right?!?!?  Ok, so maybe not but our hours are flexible which can be both the best and worst of worlds. Given the snowpacalypse of this week, I'm feeling very grateful for this perk.We get to ask and wrestle with the "big questions"--that is actually our job!  I LOVE this!We are invited into the holy moments of people's lives.Reading is a job requirement!Creativity counts--sometimes I forget this and get stuck in my personal ruts and/or the ruts of my churches but then there are days in which I remember that my job is to help others ask the big questions, invite others into holy moments and holy lives, work for the Kingdom (justice and peace), and walk with people in this journey to God--wow!  It's freeing and I remember that creativity, like reading, is a job requirement!  How cool is that?