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rambling thoughts

yesterday we took a drive to the town in which we'll be moving soon. it looks like a charming and nice place to be. even though it's very small it has several parks and something like 7 churches!

our camera was dead so unfortunately i can't share pictures yet. i'm not sure what's up but i can't find the right words to describe it. perhaps my day of wordsmithing are behind me. i certainly hope not!

it's green. very green. there was a lovely breeze and the swings at one of the parks were even large enough for my behind! this park is just down from the church. i'm excited about that. one of my favorite things to do is swing. swinging is very zen for me, peaceful. how cool is that? if i'm struggling with a sermon i can simply walk down to the park and swing. lovely, absolutely lovely. perhaps i'll be lucky enough to do some pastoral care down at the swings.

on main street there are the typical older buildings that are lovely. i don't know why we had to move away from the architecture that seems to have been prevelant so long ago. as we drove down the street i immediately wanted to buy/rent one of the spaces to have a little coffee shop. i can only imagine that this has been suggested a multiple set of times. i would love to open up a church coffee shop down on the main street. that would be FAB!

i do hope this works out for all of us--the church and town folks and our family. it seems like a lovely place to go. one of my favorite things is that 2 of my favorite reverends used to serve this same church! i get to go in and become a part of history with them, how wonderful is that? i think it is beautiful!

i'm more nervous now. i became scared after visiting. i hope i get to meet these people and let them know me as a person rather than just an internet persona. it hurts having been judged so harshly. part of me wants to take all the lovely things and letters of reference folks have written to and for me and send them to the other church.

however, that is a waste of energy and time. i have been blessed to receive another charge appointment and i want to be the best possible pastor i can be to and for these people. it's both scary and exciting--the responsibility looms large. i'm actually grateful that tomorrow and wednesday i will be attending a seminar about moving to a new church. it's too bad that we don't get to visit one Sunday prior to the move, it would be nice just to experience worship with them before trying to come in and lead worship.

if you have any suggestions of what has worked for you going into a new pastorship, or what didn't please leave a comment. i'd love to hear about your experiences. also if you are laity i'd love to hear what your thoughts are when a new pastor comes in--what's good for them to do or not do? what drives you crazy when a new person comes in?

peace be with you!


mompriest said…
LOL....words of wisdom from me...well I have twice gone into a new church as the pastor. It's good to have a healthy degree of fear, just to keep you reflective...but not enough to freeze you from doing what you have. Mostly people just want to be loved. That's important to know and remember. But also, loving them does not mean that they get to do what they want...just like our kids...we love them but we still need to lead and guide them toward transformation....
Big Unit said…
I am a little lost. You were hired, then not, and now your hired at a new place?
revhipchic said…
yep, you got it big unit! i was offered a position, the folks didn't like me (and didn't meet me) and the offer was rescinded and now i have recieved another church
karlajean said…
Wow! you have been so much this past month. Prayers of blessings, love, wisdom, sweetness, and many zen moments on the swings in the park.
thanks for the post on my was a simple grace...I will get back to writing soon. much going on.
new pastor stuff? just listen, listen, listen, and don't change anything for at least nine months. ;-)
Your small town sounds wonderful!

Why can't you go to the church a week ahead? I would want to do that, I think.

I pray you have a smooth transition into the town and the church pastor position.

Thanks for stopping by!

I do love the Waltons and will take a look at the book you mentioned.
Deb said…
No words of wisdom here... just prayers it goes well...

Songbird said…
Just catching up on all this news; God's blessings to you in this new call, revhipchick. May you minister in your authenticity and may who you are be a gift to your new congregation!
Iris said…
The best piece of advice I've received about being a pastor was from one of my mentors while in seminary. He told me, "People will forgive a lot if they truly believe that you love them." I have found that to be true.

I am very excited for you!
revhipchick said…
thanks everyone! i really appreciate reading your thoughts and advice!

i met with the pastor parish committee last night and they seem very nice. the house is lovely and we're excited about this chance to do ministry full time! hooray!

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