does this book sound familiar?

when i was 5 or 6 years old, i had a poetry book that i loved to read. i have no clue who the author was or even the title of the book (otherwise i would search the world high and low to find it).

i can still see the illustrations in my mind. it was definately a 60's/70's artist as the person used fabulous colors, used thick ribbons of it to color and swirl around the page. the faces of the people in the book tended to be long and rounded, just slightly cartoonish. i think if i ever saw it i would recognize it immediately.

i'm not sure if i loved it for the pictures or the poetry, i think i loved them both. one of the poems was about a candlestick--perhaps it was even jack jumping over the candlestick. i wish i knew.

by all means if any of this sounds familiar to you (this was in the years between 1977-1980) please leave a comment! i'd love any hints or ideas as to what to look under so i could find it again.


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