strange dreams

yesterday i dreamt of Henry Rollins (which isn't that unusual) but in my dream he had joined up with some LOUSY Christian band and they were going on tour with a group of mayors from around the country!

i dont' know but i'm guessing that Hank is more of an agnostic, than a Christian. i haven't a clue about his religiosity. i simply lust after him and enjoy his sarcastic sense of humor. did i mention that i lust after him? yes, i carry great lust in my heart for him (thanks jimmy c!). have you seen him? how could you not?--but i digress.

i took a few friends to go see him. the only folks who showed up were some old Hank fans and the thing that was cool about this was we got to talk with him DURING the show. because the show sucked. i turned to one of my dream friends and said "man, i so prefer to keep my rock pure. Christians just suck the fun out of everything." i was actually irritated that Hank had "found God" and became a Christian. even in my dream this thought, this irritation gave me much guilt and i began to mull over how selfish i was to not be glad that Hank had found the same hope and grace that i had experienced with God and Christ.

Hank and i made plans to meet up after the concert and talk. he had remembered me from years ago when i brought him daisies to one of his spoken word shows. (right! like that would happen! the part about remembering--i really did bring him daisies, they were pretty weak by they time i got to give them to him after the show, but i did just the same. that much was real)

it's been making me ponder about my preference to keep my music secular (i have said this in waking life) because it seems that most of the Christian "rock" music and rap has simply sucked. do i really think that Christians suck the fun out of most things? if i'm honest--i probably do. so what does that mean? anything? was it just a crazy dream or do i have some soul searching to do?


mompriest said…
Most of music is secular too, although some of it is spiritual, celtic or gregorian chant or Taize...that I can take. I tried to get my son to listen to Christian Rap, but the lyrics were was very graphic about the aborting of a fetus...I mean really! Turned me way off. Interestingly enough the lyrics and singers in his secular bands make a lot of appropriate references to God....weird, eh?

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