grey's anatomy

i realize that it is totally lame to post about a tv show.

however, i thought grey's had lost me. it had become too over the top, boring despite the crazy drama they attempted to set up. but they pulled me back in. i'm not sure if it was watching Callie be happy (and then terribly miserable and then happy again) or sending Meredith to therapy. probably a mix of both. but it drew me in.

my eyes rolled a few weeks back when Meredith set up the trials. it was easy to see that the meredith/mcdreamy rollarcoaster was going to begin yet again and another perfectly wonderful person was going to get creamed by it.

but for the first time i ever, i found myself hopeful for Meredith, cheering her on to win McDreamy back. i still find her one of the less interesting characters. she and McDreamy are not nearly as fun to watch as McSteamy, Callie, Yang, or Bailey. i totally love Bailey. i want to grow up to be Bailey. doesn't everybody?

i'm excited to watch season 5. i know there will be more drama, ridiculous drama. but for once, just this once a season ended on a lovely note. with happy people. i totally needed to see some happy people today. even if they aren't real.

even if they aren't real, sometimes we just need to see happy people.


mompriest said…
oh my yes. I stumbled onto that tv show a few years agoa after refusing to watch another sex oriented bad drama....and found instead a sharp witty thoughtful show (with lots of the sex stuff which well, it's not that I'm a prude lol it's just overdone usually)...anyway...I too was becoming less interested...and then the season finale just got me. I loved the final scenes, ending on hope and the potential for real love, instead of death and despair or suspense....ending with strength and doing the difficult right things (Izzy) got me, again. I don't care that much about Meredith or Mcdreamy either...I do love Bailey...yeah.

Glad to know where you are.
I love Bailey, too, but I wish I could get her to relax!

I was spellbound by the unfolding events with Callie and Hahn, and by Meredith in therapy.

And I also am looking forward to the next season.
Rev Dr Mom said…
I love Bailey.

And I was sooooo happy about Derek and Meredith...but I have this fear that something will happen to him before he gets back from talking to Rose. Isn't that dumb?

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