an update on life in the small town

i haven't been paying much attention to the blogosphere lately. neither reading nor posting much at all. things feel really crazy. good but crazy nonetheless.

Joel lives in KC most of the week and visits on the weekends. the girls and i had a pretty good routine but there has been a lot of TV watching since my mom generously brought us one. it's both a blessing and a curse. to add to that chaos, i bought a PS 2 from my nephew. i haven't unveiled it for the girls yet. i want to get a DDR pad (dance dance revolution) and game and see if that might be a fun way to exercise.

today i had a migrane--it's been several years (thank God/dess!) and after a few hours it began to wane. i was really lucky. i've only had 3 or 4 but they tend to be severe (i've even experienced temporary paralysis). thankfully, they are spread across many years and i know when they are coming on because my vision gets spotty. i had been at a hospital visit and as i was leaving noticed some "holes" in my vision and just prayed that i could make it home before i had any bigger problems from it. God/dess was listening and Sweetie was kind about me not coming into the office.

now i have a ton of stuff to get done along with cleaning up for the in-laws' visit. thankfully, the latter won't be so bad since much of our stuff is still packed up! unfortunately, Ainsley trashed her room this weekend--she found some styrofoam stuff and crumbled it all over her floor. egads!

so, in other is great and complicated. nothing new there. i feel wonderfully blessed to have been called into ministry. it's wild work and i'm loving it!


mompriest said…
Yay!!! hope you are able to enjoy the visit from the inlaws...glad all is going well.
karlajean said…
Sounds very sorry about the migraine...sounds really horrible. Take care and breathe...thanks for visiting my place, too. We do love Durango, and will get back out there probably in the fall. Will you have any time to relax before fall programming hits?
Iris said…
I haven't been around in the blogosphere much either. Right now, blogging seems like a chore, so I'm not doing it.

I hope you're feeling better. Your post on being "pounded" made me smile. What sweet people you have!
revkarla said…
the p. trible book may not make the cut...and I got the red mary janes ;-) peace, k
Maybe you shouldn't drive with 'holes' in your vision. Just a suggestion. ;-)

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