this morning i woke up early for the first time in a month. it's been delightful! the weather is gorgeous and i love the silence (although since we haven't had a tv, it's quiet more often than not around here).

i've been reading a variety of blogs and it's been great fun. one of the things it has reminded me is how slacker i've been with the news and staying "up-to-date" upon the affairs of the world.

i've also remembered how when i began blogging one of my intentions was to share my feminist perspectives. other than occassionally referring to God as She, i haven't done so. all the blogging as of late has been purely personal--which is fine. i love reading others' personal blogs and now that we've moved away from some terrific friends it's especially good to have a personal blog. that said, i would like to start being "substantial" at least from time to time.

it's unbelievable how many great blogs are out "there"

i highly reccomend checking out Towanda's place (i got there from Iris's-another fab blog). then i spun over to the Feminist Peace Network, which led me to a great ring--Progressive Women Bloggers, and it was a multitude of places from there. it's only 7 am and i've had a great trip through the blogosphere already!

i'd love to hear where your blog adventures take you!

ps. i also realized that i haven't played with the blog format in a long time! can it be possible that i've not been spending enough time online? surely not!


Iris said…
Your blog is fantastic, no matter what you choose to write about. I'm glad you checked out Towanda's place. She's great!
revhipchick said…
you are super sweet iris! thanks! Towanda was certainly great! thanks for leading me to her!
Towanda said…
Hey, thanks for the shout out! (blush). I'm enjoying getting to know your blog.
Patrick Moore said…
i don't really care about feminist perspectives in your blog, I care about Crystal's perspective in your blog. Don't really care about your use of pronouns, except when you use the pronoun "I." We like that pronoun the best. (You know I am playing!)

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