Sunday, August 10, 2008

i got pounded!

i was in for quite a suprise this morning at the small church. they "pounded" me. people from the church brought me a generous amount of groceries!

it's a very old tradition and i had no idea anyone still did it! it was super sweet and kind. they said that from time to time they will get a feeling and pound me--that i'll never know when it's coming.

i was in awe. these are some amazing people. i think i am being ministered to more than i am ministering to them!


mompriest said...

well, now, don't count on is after all a "relationship" some mutuality is expected and healthy! good for you!

karlajean said...

I got pounded once, in the first church I served as youth minister. I think it is a southern thing, but it was so dear, I thought!