does it ever slow down?


i cannot believe how crazy this week has been! the past two weeks have been very busy, but this week has felt insane.

it's a great kind of insane but still, i'm tired!

i hope that i will find a rhythm soon, otherwise i'm in big trouble. =)

i had been planning to make a kansas city visit this coming weekend but now i'm not sure that wil actually work out.

how in the world do you just slow down? i'm totally enjoying it but i also don't want to go crazy. it feels like it comes in spurts. one week will feel slow and then the next week (or two) will be nuts.

it seems as if i'm beginning to feel like i "have a handle on things" my world gets turned upside down and i'm scrambling to figure things out again.

absolutely loving it, just wish i had a routine. being a *tad* ADD means that routine helps me calm down and be productive. i've felt productive but scattered. strange. anyway, i better get back to work on my sermon. we have a FULL day and evening on Saturday so that means i'm in HUGE trouble if the sermon isn't completed by tomorrow night.

peace, blessings, and love to you!


mompriest said…
I think some weeks the routine is realizing that there is no routine....

It does slow down, a bit...and you will become more adept at organizing your time...and most important....

YOU MUST SCHEDULE TIME OFF...i mean schedule if some one wants or needs something on your time off you just say, "Oh, I'm sorry my schdule is already booked for that time...can we look at another time?"

I even schedule sermon writing time and hold it hard with the same response, "I'm sorry, that time is already booked....can we schedule another time...'

AND - you need someone to share the hospital and pastoral care visit per person per hosptial stay is all you can do - if even that - sometimes a phone call is enough...believe me. I was in the hospital for 11 days and most days I preferred a call to a visit....

But also...(and I hate to say this again) usually takes a full year to get things in balance...a year to live through all the "season" of church life...nonetheless it will begin to feel a bit easier after a few months...really...
revhipchick said…
thanks mompriest. i don't mean to sound like a broken record.

it's just amazing how actually "being here and being a full-time clergy" are so very different and the same as i imagined.

i keep telling myself about the church year and giving myself time to understand it and all of that. but i'm just constantly in awe of all of it.

yes, you are correct--i have to schedule my sermon time and off time. i've got to get better about that. the past two weeks have just been crazy that way.

that said, i need to get back to sermon prep! blessings and thanks!
Choralgirl said…
I'm with ya, sister. Summer has thus far been nuts for me, too!

Kim in KCK said…
I've scheduled days off, since I'm 3/4 time, I intend to take two during the week. Yet, people don't always die or go into hospice care according to my schedule, darn them. Today I had my day all planned out. I put on shorts and a t-shirt and decided to check email and pay some bills. At 9:00 a hospice chaplain called to let me know that one of my peeps was under hospice care and not expected to live through the weekend. It was all very sudden. Since I didn't think I'd have time to make it home to change before I went to visit, I made a complete wardrobe change before leaving the house to run errands. All day on errands and such, and the laundry still isn't done. I think it will get easier once school starts and the kids will be mostly out of the equation. This summer has been very busy...but I'm still glad to be out of school.

Hang in there and give yourself time. You'll develop some semblance of a routine, but it will still continue to be very dynamic some weeks. Just roll with it.

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