iPOD nano wins!

A week or so ago I canceled my appointment with my favorite tattoo artist, Jessie. Currently, she is book up through January/February! Yes, she is that good!

I was going to add prayer beads to circle my Mary, Blessed Mother tattoo and add a bit more color to the original. However, I canceled the appointment because I ordered an orange 16 gb iPOD nano--4th generation. (prices dropped when the new iPOD was released) I thought I should choose one or the other because we didn't have money for both. I was being fiscally responsible.

This made my husband, Joel, very happy. He's not too keen on my desire for more tattoos. He says he didn't sign on to marry the painted lady. He didn't sign on to marry a preacher but he's doing fine with that.

As my appointment date gets closer I get a little sadder. I was really looking forward to seeing Jessie, hearing stories, and adding the finishing touches to Mary, Blessed Mother. If I get commissioned this spring (I'm optimistic) I'll likely get the tattoo finished--finally after 2 years!

This past weekend I watched a show on MSNBC called Hooked and it was about people who get tattooed. I thought it might hold some value but it wasn't very insightful and offered the armchair analysis one would expect to hear at the end of Maury Povich Show or something like that.

Sometimes people think its odd that I, being a preacher, would get tattoos. I simply tell them that our bodies are our temples, and I want mine to be covered with stained glass!


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