being the parent of a teenage girl stinks

i noticed the fake smile
don't think i'm that dumb
it couldn't be missed
little miss

ugh! being mom to a 14 year old girl is hard. it's one thing when i'm frustrated with my own daughter and another when the urge to protect one of my girls pops up.

ugh! little girls thinking that they are better than they are and trying to make others feel as low as they can. why do they think pushing someone else down will make them better?

the mama lion in me is screaming with rage, i want to lash out at the little girl(s) who makes my girl miserable. what is wrong with me? is this normal? i thought i was the grown-up but i'm feeling like a raging 15 year old or something crazy.


Mompriest said…
oh my...this is just a very difficult age to be a girl and the mom of a got better when my daughter got into high school - but 8th and 9th grades were awful...
Ross said…
um....i think your just being a good mom. if you didnt have these feelings then youd be suspect of not caring.
revkjarla said…
you sound like a mother lioness, to me, which in these days, sounds like a good idea.
love and prayers to both of you.

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