Friday, November 12, 2010

RevGal Friday Friday: Winter's on it's way

Singing Owl asks: When it is cold outside:

1. What is your favorite movie for watching when curled up under a wooly blanket?
Depends on who's curled up with me...if it's my eldest it will be something scary; if it's my youngest it will be something silly; if it's my middlest it will be something short as she's most like her father and he doesn't care too much for movies.  All that said, if it was cold and dreary right now I (and my eldest and middlest) would settle in for a Harry Potter marathon!  Oh, why do we have to have such a busy weekend?

2. Likewise, what book?
Given the "now" it would be HP & The Deathly Hallows, otherwise you'd probably find our entire family sitting around reading To Kill A Mockingbird to one another.  We started it on our last road trip--added an extra 1.5 hours to our trip cuz I was more absorbed in listening to the book than in taking the correct turn.  Unbelievably, we've not sat down and finished it--however, I think the girls have eached finished it on their own.

3. What foods do you tend to cook/eat when it gets cold?
Chili and cornbread, veggetable soup, cheesey potato-broccoli soup...I see a theme here.
4. What do you like to do if you get a "snow day" (or if you don't get snow days, what if you did)?
Taking pictures of the snow and the girls as they play in it, drink hot chocolate, warm up under some blankets and fall asleep while watching a movie with the girls.  Or if it's an "ice day" (which we are more likely to have) cooking something yummy with the girls, playing Wii, watching movies, playing a board game.
5. Do you like winter sports or outdoor activities, or are you more likely to be inside playing a board game? Do you have a favorite (indoors or out)?
I like winter sports and outdoor activities but I find I spend less time than I used to outside when it's really cold.  It's been 4 years since I've actually gone sledding with the girls--sounds like it's time to do so again!  I love taking winter pictures (which of course are not on this computer so I can't share for now).


Jan said...

What fun to have your kids at home for the prospective (and busy) winter. I'd forgotten how much we like chili and cornbread. Cornbread goes with lots of soups.

Sally said...

yum-chilli and corn bread :-)

altar ego said...

I think there's nothing better than soup on a cold, wintry day.

Purple said... the "play" in all your answers.

Mary Beth said...

TKAM is a book I first read at about age 10 and thought, as it ended, "Oh! I don't want it to be over!!" So stretching out the end makes sense to me.