Friday, November 19, 2010

RevGal Friday 5: Unexpected Thanks

Jan writes:
With the American holiday of Thanksgiving being less than a week away, I tried to think of some questions for Friday Five that could be connected to this, but in a new way. So here is my one try:

Name five things that were unexpected in your life that you are now grateful for.
  1. Merkin & Ainsley were complete surprises and I can't imagine my life without them!  Valerie was hoped for and planned and I'm just as grateful for her (can't mention just one of my girls!)!
  2. CPE & the preaching group I've been "ordered/suggested" to take by the conference ordination board.  It was terribly hurtful in the way they instructed me to take CPE and the "preaching coach" (have you ever heard of such a thing?  my DS hadn't!) but CPE & the preaching group my DS helped to get started so I could have a "preaching coach" have been very helpful to my personal and professional development as a human being and as a pastor.
  3. Getting moved to Northwest Missouri and pastoring 2 small churches--one of which is literally in a cornfield!
  4.  Attending the Putting It On Paper writer's workshop at the Collegeville Institute for Ecumenical and Cultural Research and having it completely paid for by the Lily Foundation.  It was a dream come true and even better than what I had envisioned!
  5. My call to ministry--neither myself nor anyone I know of would have imagined that I'd grow up and become a minister! I'm grateful for this tremendous surprise as it has been a wonderful blessing in my and my family's lives!
Lastly, a big "Thank You!" to Jan for a fabulous Friday 5!

Oh and be sure to check out Holiday Dinner at Work of the People! 
(sorry, I tried to post the video here but I couldn't get it to work)


Processing Counselor said...

Northwest Missourio, oy!

Purple said...

It is so hard to get a read on my preaching from the congregation...maybe I'll look into a preaching coach/mentor.
Enjoyed your play.

Sally said...

I wonder how often I am thankful for my call. Also interested in the blessings of a preaching coach!

Jan said...

What generosity and gratitude is in your post. I'm so glad your daughters and your call are joys in your life. Good luck with the CPE.

Beth said...

The call to ministry is one of my unexpected gifts, too.