Heroes: June 10

Anne Lamott is one of my heroes.

I love how free and honest her writing voice is, she is an inspiration. As I struggled with my Christian faith she was one of the first writers and persons with whom I could finally identify with! She helped me to see that I did not have to fit in with the religious right but I could find ways to love them and accept them as I wanted to be loved and accepted as a Christian.

Lamott is witty, honest, and writes beautifully. I prefer her non-fiction over her fiction, perhaps it's that I enjoy reading someone with whom I can so closely relate.

PS. She will be speaking and signing books along with other faith writers on Oct. 10th in St. Paul, MN! See the previous post for a bit more info!

Holy One, thank you for the life, heart, and writings of Anne Lamott--God bless her!


revkjarla said…
I think she is the bombe, too.
The conference sounds very cool.

Who is Thomas Lynch?
revkjarla said…
wait, I know Thomas Lynch. He is the undertaker guy. I LOVE him, too. Have you seen the Bill Moyers special on Living a Good Death? (I think that is what it is called)...he is interviewed in that...and also there is a Frontline or PBS or HBO special about his family....aptly named, I think, "The Undertaking". My mind is moosh--I can't remember anything...what with mid-life AND a sucky hair cut.....
Songbird said…
I love her a lot, too.

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