Heroes: June 1

Dorothy Day was an incredible woman. She felt that her faith, her beliefs, the life she found in Jesus Christ meant that she had to live accordingly. She took great care of others and lived a life dedicated to living, loving, and doing whatever she could to help those who were pushed down, financially impoverished, and generally looked down upon by society. She knew that there had to be a better way, a better social system than the one we had, the one we still have.

It seems that she feared absolutely nothing. She experienced what it meant to be thrown in jail and yet continued to devote her life to others and creating a place for justice.
She raised a daughter, Tamar, on her own.
She helped to start the Catholic Worker Movement which still continues--in Kansas City there are 2 Catholic Worker Houses. They do amazing work and truly act as the hand and feet of Christ in this world.

Dorothy Day has inspired many--from her own time and into our present. I know that her legacy will live on into our future as well. She has taught us the Gospel through her life and actions, and used words only when absolutely necessary.
God bless you, Dorothy Day!


revkjarla said…
awesome that she is your first one this month.
I love Dorothy Day, too.

Where did you find the icon?
God_Guurrlll said…
That is one great hero. She is an inspiration to me as well.

Seems like Christian Church has been doing social justice since the days of Jesus, however most of our congregations have become social clubs. How did that happen?

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