Sunday, March 7, 2010

Finally, I've decided!

Lent came upon us especially quick this year.  I've been struggline to decide what to do or take on as a Lenten devotion/discipline,  I wanted it to be meaningful and that would truly pull me closer to God.  Merkin gives up meat every Lent and she's very disciplined about it.  Another friend and her family gave up fast food--that seems impossible and I applaud them!  A different friend gave  up cheeseburgers.  Several people I know gave up pop/sodas/Cokes. 

I've finally decided what it will be, on Fridays I will fast from television and the computer.  This will be quite challenging for me and open up much of my day for prayer and thanksgiving, time  to be quiet with God.  It could also bring me closer to my family.  While I'm a bit late, I'm happy to have finally decided!

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