Thursday, July 12, 2012

We're Here! Now what?

We made it!  We finally made it to Colorado!  A few times a day, it will hit me as I view the Peak while sitting on the porch or running an errand, this is not vacation...this is our new life!  Thanks be to God we are finally here!

Now what?

I've applied for a few jobs, contacted the local UMC district superintendent.  We've unpacked a few things but since we're living with the folks there's not really room for us to unpack much.  The eldest daughters will start volleyball practice on Monday.

This morning, I was considering what I should be doing with my time, besides looking for work and mumbling to myself.  Trying not to freak out that I'm living in a room packed with boxes that are difficult to navigate around.  Trying to be thankful that we are here, that we have a home when others' have been burned to the ground, when others simply don't have one or live in a disaster of one.  We truly are blessed and I do realize this.  In this midst of all the chaos and gratitude I realized that I need to get back to writing--to blogging and then back to writing daily devotionals on mailchimp.

As we settled in for our first night Joel looked at me and said, "Is the hard part over or has it just begun?"  Neither of us wanted to answer that question.  For now, I am simply thankful to be here.  To have a comfortable bed to sleep in and a lovely porch to sit and view the mountains.

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Martha Spong said...

Many blessings, despite all the boxes.