I have 5 sermons left to preach.  In 7 weeks I will no longer be Rev. HipChick, at least not officially in the UMC. 

For the past 8 years my life has been consumed by becoming and being a pastor in the UMC.  I'm leaving my churches not because they want me to leave but because my eldest daughter was being bullied at school by a teacher.  We spoke with the teacher, the principle, the superintendent, and the school board.  Our daughter was not alone, there were others.  But the school board chose to keep the teacher.  We have chosen to put our children first and leave northwest Missouri.

Thankfully, we are leaving to go home to Manitou Springs, CO.  Thankfully we have a wonderful place to go and to be near our families.  Others are stuck here to figure out how to protect their kids.

In some ways it might be easier if I had screwed up.  If I had been kicked out of my churches for something I'd done wrong.  But I'm leaving and starting all over because that's what our children need and deserve. 

But I'd be lying if I didn't say I was a bit scared, that it didn't feel as though all I've worked for has shattered.

I know better.  I know this is a fresh start.  It's exciting and scary all at once.  On one hand I'm thrilled to be returning to Colorado.  It's not exactly a bastion of progressiveness (we're not moving to Boulder after all) but compared to NW Missouri, what a breath of fresh air--literally and figuratively!

To return to the mountains, family, and old friends, that is wonderful.  The possibility of starting my own church of outcasts, rebels, and undesirables--that's good and scary stuff. 

Discerning whether or not to stay in the UMC after a crazy General Conference--not so fun.  Life is messy and chaotic and beautiful all at once.

Changes are coming soon, ready or not.


Martha Spong said…
Blessings on the new adventure!
Sandy said…
I'm facing similar wrestlings with my transition, especially post-GC. Thanks for sharing your journey with someone traveling a similar path.
revhipchick said…
thank you Martha and Sandy
Sally said…
prayers for your journey forward, God will make a way...
Dan Trabue said…
The possibility of starting my own church of outcasts, rebels, and undesirables

I like the sound of that...

There's rumors he even thinks himself a king
of a kingdom of paupers
simpletons and rogues
the whores all seem to love him
and the drunks propose a toast!

Saying, "Surely God is with us, surely God is with us
Surely God is with us, Today!"

~Rich Mullins
Michelle said…
Prayers and blessings on the move and new ventures!
Rebecca Ramsey said…
I'll be thinking and praying for you. It sounds exciting-and it sounds like faith!
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