Sunday, July 18, 2010


We've been following the Colossians lectionary texts the past 2 weeks. Initially, I'd planned on going through the entire book of Colossians but as I peeked at the lectionary today the Hosea passage caught my eye. I'm just not sure how I could use whore in worship. We have plenty of kids.

I feel a bit hypocritical since I'm the one constantly arguing for reading and dealing with difficult texts in church. Seriously though, when we have a lot of kids then what do you do?

I'd love to hear what you do!

Please do tell!


Anonymous said...

That's pretty cool that as the preacher you get to decide what scripture to preach on in any given Sunday. If there's one that doesn't fit or feel right for your church, you can pick another one. I think there are a few dozen other scriptures that you can pick from.

revkjarla said...

yeah, I know what you mean. The Hosea text is hard...and it caught my eye, too...and the Sodom and Gomorrah one...but I am going with the prayer passage in Luke...we don't have any kids, but sometimes I think we don't get to talk about prayer much from the pulpit (at least I don't) and it felt more right for the congregation instead of an intellectually challenging sermon about Gomer. You know?