Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I've noticed that a few bloggers have started using Godde rather than God. It makes the point that the use of "God" still tends to imply that God is masculine whereas Godde makes the point that Godde is more than simply mascualine and feminine (definately more than a being with a penis!).

I like using Godde--I wonder how my congregation will feel about seeing that in print?

PS. Thanks Shawna!


Mompriest said...

I wonder, as I work with the Expansive Language group from the National Council of Churches, where we are going to go and what I will learn. We have a conference this summer in Chicago and our hope is to create a resource that congregations can use to have their own conversation on the language we use to talk about God/Godde/Divine....I'lll keep you posted, might be something for you to use for this very purpose....

Rebecca Ramsey said...

I've never seen that but I LOVE it! It's so hard to root out the idea of God as masculine--at least for me it is. But thinking of Him/Her like that makes God too small.
I've always wished for another word. Maybe that's it!