Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Jesus Rifles?

Just when you think you've heard it all...

New Testament references embedded into the sites/scopes of the rifles that are being shipped to the Middle East for the Army and Marines to use.  How freaking appauling is that?   on a multitude of levels.  This makes me sick and outraged, utterly outraged!

It's probably going to be a big boost for Trijjicon, Inc--the morons who are manufactoring these scopes.  Is this a joke to them?  Or do they somehow beleive that this is evangelism?  How in the world does anyone read the New Testament and think that Jesus is all about war and killing? 

I'm not stupid.  I know this is nothing new, but it still churns my stomach. 

In addition to the theological issues there is the issue of these morons actually trying to start WWIII!  What about the US American men and women in Iraq and Afghanistan?  Are they trying to put their lives in even more danger?  How can they possibly be seen as anything other than enemies to Muslims when they are carrying weapons replete with Christian scripture verses on them?  (Yes, I know...not all people in Iraq/Afghanistan/Middle East are Muslim)

These idiots at Trijjicon, Inc. should be put on the United States terrorist lists as their ridiculous schemes are sure to create even more tension and danger for the men and women serving the USA, as well as our country.  I hope that the US government doesn't turn a blind eye to this and revokes Trijjicon's contract. 

It's one thing to be theologically unstable and dangerous as an individual and selling products with your "message" to those who are aware of it but to put them in the hands of men and women who are in charge of keeping order and peace, placing their lives upon the line for their country is atrocious.  But I can't imagine that they care.

That doesn't even cover the men and men of a different faith carrying these weapons and using them.  Ugh!  This just gets worse the more I think about it!

It is actions like these that cause people to think Christianity is nothing but a joke.

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Mompriest said...

...and, not all soldiers are Christian...so on top of all the other ways this offensive, add to it the possibility that the soldier is Jewish but has to read something about Jesus every time she/he looks into their rifle...it is really just awwful on so many levels.