Friday, April 24, 2009

RevGal's Friday 5: The Bucket List

1. River rafting on the Colorado River into the Grand Canyon. There's no other way I'm ever getting to the bottom--no donkeys or hiking steep 2 ft wide paths for me

2. Following the monarch butterflies as they migrate from northern California to their winter homes in Mexico.

3. Whale watching in Alaska.

4. Taking each of my girls to NYC for a mom and daughter weekend for their 16th birthdays

(i suppose that's really 3)

5. Write and publish at least one book that is completely my own

(selling it would be nice too)


She Rev said...

Definitely whale watching. Definitely

Mary Beth said...

Cool! Love the mom and daughter weekends.

MaineCelt said...

Yes! A Book! I've added the following to my list of "if onlys:"

If only there were enough RevGal writers nearby to start our own book-writing circle, where we could carve out the time to relish each other's company and hold each other accountable for the great and personal task of writing that lurking, restless inner book!

altar ego said...

Great list. I've been whale-watching in the Northeast (off Boston and Cape Cod) and it is truly a creation-bonding experience (or at least I thought so!)

Writing! Yes! Forgot to put that on my list. It will be the imagined #6.

karlajean said...

I would read your book!
That river trip in the Grand Canyon sounds amazing--I want to do that too.
Come to Boston and whale watch, yes!!

Sophia said...

Oh, a book writing circle would be awesome!

I am so so glad that you decided to take your name and voice back--go you!

And your pictures of the BE are stunning--I can feel the contemplation that came from the resting, listening and solitude you mentioned.

So glad I got to meet you there.

Jan said...

Good plans, especially with your daughters. I've seen hordes of monarch butterflies passing through here on their migrations. (I'm in south TX)

Jane said...

wonderful list - I particularly like the taking time to have a memorable experience with your daughters

Sue said...

Whale watching!!!! BE 3.0??????

karlajean said...

hope Frost Nixon is inspirational!!
i am back from the Sox game (yes, indeedy we won) and realizing I have a lot of editing to do. but the day was so amazing, I couldn't be inside while there was I pay now, but as you know...spring can be iffy anywhere! peace to you and blessings as you worship with your congregation tomorrow.