time flies

it seemed to take so long to get to this "place" and now it's merely days away!

tomorrow is our "see you soon" party--we couldn't bare calling it a "good-bye" party. so that means i have TONS to do around the house (as well as write a few things for the new church newsletter!) so i really should stop playing around on the computer! ugh! procrastination is an evil beast!

it's also exciting that we'll be picking out paint colors for the parsonage this afternoon! currently it's all white so i'm excited about adding some splashes of colors. we'll be painting it on Sunday and Monday before anything gets moved in. it will be much easier than waiting til after we get our stuff in.

hooray! hooray! it's almost moving day!


Jan said…
YAY!! So glad!
Iris said…
I am so happy for you! Sweetpie sounds awesome. A good admin. Assistant is gold, I tell ya, gold!

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