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Putting It One Paper

I'm here! I'm actually here in Collegeville, MN at the Collegeville Ecumenical Institute and just had my introduction to a bit of what I'll be learning and working on in my writing! And do I have a LOT to learn!

As I explored my apartment I sensed just how much God has guided my life. I'm a girl who is more familiar with a trailor than a house with a big back yard and landscaping. Just the other day a good friend of mine pointed out that it doesn't take much to impress me--more than donuts at a hotel breakfast--awesome! I'm low-maintenence like that. I get a haircut every 4 to 6 months or so. I get my eyebrows waxed once a month or so. I have worn the same sandals nearly everyday for the past 4 years (Birkenstocks rock!). I wear jeans to church almost every Sunday. I'm a simple girl.

Today I walked into a small two bedroom apartment. It's nice and clean, simple and looks out over a lake with green trees lining the shore. It's breathtaking. Add to that, I am alone in this two bedroom apartment with a study in it that also overlooks the lake. Add to that, I am here to learn how to improve my writing and hence my preaching. I am here with a professional who has looked over a paper and essentially disected it to see what is inside--what kind of verbs do I use? What kinds of sentences do i use? How long are my sentences? This is just the beginning. That was the first 10 minutes!

I am blessed beyond measure! I am blessed beyond my wildest dreams! I've dreamt of being a writer since I could hold a pencil and write words. When I've shared my writing with professors and friends if they have said good things, encouraging things about my writing I shook it off as people who have care, who are being nice. Today, I was encouraged by someone who doesn't know or care about me other than in the fact that I am a human being. I was chosen to be here. Don't worry, I'm not getting a big head or full of myself.

Rather, as the tears rolled from my eyes and I tried to catch my breath, I realized that this is what is meant/intended for all of us. That feeling of love beyond measure.

In the beginning thoughts like, "How did I ever deserve this?" popped in and out of my mind. Then it dawned on me that this was not for me alone. I have not been blessed so that I may feel superior or supreme. Rather I have been blessed in order to share my blessing. No sharing in writing or finding a wonderful book but in sharing the message that Godde sent to me this day.

For you have been given much, much is expected.

This is not for me--not wholly for me--it is too large, too grand, too big for my life alone.

I'm just a girl from no where, no one, nothing special--no more than anyone else. This is Godde's vision--Godde's goodness meant for all of us. No starving, hungry children, no one abused or neglected. Rather all are meant to be surrounded by love and beauty that whispers insistantly that htis is the life and love meant for all of us.

Whispers from Godde say you are special! You are loved! You are worthy beyond your wildest dreams! Godde's goodness is created/crafted for you out of Godde's abundant love and joy and delight in you. Yes, you are worthy and so are they. Take this love to them--end the hunger, end the pain, end the expectations because I blow them all away. I love you! Godde.


God_Guurrlll said…
Hey I've probably stayed in the apartment if it's on the collegeville campus. The Minnesota Conference of the UCC uses collegeville for it's annual conferences.

Welcome to my old stomping grounds. Enjoy!
revkjarla said…
Awesome to be at an institute for writing!!! YAY!

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