It's been a while since I've blogged.  I hope to do better at blogging regularly.  This past week I was reminded just how important it is and has been in my life.  I was blessed to spend 5 days with some amazing RevGals! 

We were also blessed by the teachings of Nanette Sawyer and she directed us in the areas of spiritual discipline, hospitality to God, self, enemies, family, and creation.  I especially appreciated the times in which we named and shared those places and/or activitites in which we are especially awakened to the presence of God in our lives.  I remembered how good it feels to just write with pen and paper--not for any purpose, just to write.  I remembered that photography helps me to witness the beauty of this wondrous creation and to offer thanksgiving to God.  I remembered how wonderful it is just to pray with my girls and listen to their thoughts and prayers.  I was reminded how the laughter of good friends heals the rough spots of our lives.  I was reminded how wonderful it is to pray without worry of how one sounds or appears--just to pray alongside friends.  I was reminded that it's okay to cry and how healing it is to receive a hug from someone who cares and probably has a pretty good idea about the hells you've been through.  Thanks RevGals!  I love you all!

This afternoon I was also blessed to be with other UM clergy and learn more about sermon prep and preaching from Gene Lowry.  It's funny how one changes depending on the context.  Rev. Lowry subbed for a few of our preaching classes in seminary.  At seminary he seemed a bit distant and reserved.  Today he was jovial, witty, inspiring, and accessible. 

I better be careful or my brain might implode from all of this learning!  I just hope it sinks in and stays!

Have I mentioned how good it is to be home?  It is wonderful!  I loved being at church(es) today and being in worship with the people I am honored to serve.  I'm glad to be home, even if it is loud and hectic!


Muthah+ said…
Woohoo! too much learning in 10 days! Glad you are home with kids who still need their mama and parishes who still need their pastor.

Enjoyed meeting you
Mompriest said…
Glad you had some wonderful days and learning(s) and are home safe.
Karla said…
Yay! That's all I have to say...yay for you and for BE3 and for being home. xoxo

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