"Story of My Life"

I received this cartoon from my good friend Kim this morning.  It totally made me smile and I hope it will make you smile too.

I don't know that it is so much strange as it is annoying--my youngest daughter always pleads sick for school.  She is the most sensitive little thing and this morning I offended her by using a demanding tone of voice and now will not get ready for school.  Of course I have promised that I will roll her out of the car in her pj's.

I'm now shocked because she just walked out of her room fully dressed.  Her hair is a mess and she has probably not brushed her teeth either but I'll take it. 

Last night I switched gears from thinking about commissioning to wondering about an application I submitted for a writing workshop in June.  I became very excited as I thought, "I'm supposed to hear in March!  Wahoo!" and so I looked at the email which stated they received my application and they plan to let applicants know the END of March or first of April.  Ugh!  Oh well,  thankfully there is a lot to do in the meanwhile.  Besides, I don't really want to experience any more rejection for a little while if at all possible.  ;)

I hope your day is blessed and not one of "those" days.


Mompriest said…
I've had enough of "those days" to last a life time...and definitely ready for some "other" days...

did I miss a post while I was packing and moving? what's happened recently?
Mary Beth said…
Yay! about the workshop. Praying on that for you!

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