Hello Again

It's been a long time but somehow I just can't quit you. No matter how hard I try I end up back in your arms, your warm embrace holding me and I feel safe.

So many changes since we last spoke. I know, I left you for someone else and here I am begging you to love me again. Thanks for being my constant over so many years through all of my changes. Thankfully have grown but you haven't outgrown me.

This month I start a new job. I'm both excited and a little terrified. I'll be in charge of a whole program. I've been in charge of two churches at once but this has a lot more challenges. But I'll be working with fantabulous people so that helps a lot.

I've also been seeing a shrink. She has encouraged me to start writing again. It was just the encouragement I needed to come back.

This month...this November I'll see you at least once a day. It may not be good or purposeful but I'll be here.


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