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Me & Kat Von D

I had the craziest dreams last night!  I didn't want to wake up cuz I was having so much fun!

(isn't she the cutest ever?)
Kat Von D.  is a great tattoo artist, LA Ink, is a TV show that takes place at her shop.  Each time I watch it I exclaim, "I want Corey to do my next tattoo!"  Corey is pretty awesome, I love his personality and watching how he relates with his clients.


In my dream, Kat's tattoo shop was more of a dark New Ageish book store--lots of goth clothes, books, candles, decor, & jewelry.  They even had some crazy exotic animals.  I had bought a huge snake but didn't like her very much, she scared me too much to be a good pet.  As I went in to check out the store I started talking with Kat and telling her that I didn't know what to do with the snake.  She said that I could bring it in to the shop and they'd see if they could sell it.

I brought the snake in and long story short--it ate a cougar!  How crazy is that?  It was quite a site watching the two of them fight and waiting to see who would be the victor.  None of us imagined that the snake would win! 

Onto to Kat.  She had to leave for a few days and asked me to cover for her int he shop.  Some of the folks were really concerned that a pastor would be working in their non-Christian store.  I knew it would be worse if I attempted to prove that I was cool enough to be there (cuz of course I'm not!) but I did promise not to mention Jesus unless someone else asked about Jesus or Christianity.  Then I went onto say that there were a handful of pastors with tattoos and who liked the goth cultre.  Needless to say that din't impress anyone.

It actually turned out to be a good day--other than the snake getting loose, going crazy, eating the cougar, and everyone seeing how I was completely afraid of my own snake (although not without reason obviously).  I sold some cool knickknacks/decor stuff and had fun talking with the kids coming into the store.

When Kat returned we decided that we'd have a night at the shop in which we'd talk theology--answering questions and stuff. In my dream Kat was wiccan/pagan ( I don't know about in real life) and so we'd have lots to talk about with the differences between our belief systems as well as where we cross over. 

I'm now questioning if I should even post this cuz it isn't coming out nearly as cool and fun as the dream experience!  Grrr....I guess it was a "you had to be there" moment.  Dreamland...the space in which everything is fluid and constantly interchanging and when I try to share it with someone else, the details become illusive and slippery.  I guess the cool conversation with me and Kat Von D will have to stay in Dreamland.


revkjarla said…
thank god someone else is having some interesting and thought provoking dreams!!
I love it.

I like how you said you were having so much fun you didn't want to wake up!!

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