best day ever!

most of this evening i've had the sponge bob square pants song "best day ever" running through my head. today has been one of the very best days of my life thus far! seriously!

this morning began with some nerves and jitters. lots of tearing through boxes attempting to find our dress clothes and the right shoes to go with the clothes. we never found the shoes!

the "pasture church" came into town so that i wouldn't have to do 2 services on my first day--how sweet is that? prior to the service there was a coffee time in our honor. we met a lot of people--all very kind and sweet.

despite my jumping in at some of the wrong places and having to be reminded that we still needed to do the offering, the service went very well! it felt so good knowing that this was "my church." not "my church" in a possessive sort of way but it is where i'm supposed to be, i'm not filling in for anyone, it's "my church." does that make any sense? in short--it just felt RIGHT!

there was a total of 97 people at church today! last week there had been 59! i know that most of it was pure curiosity--folks wanting to check out the new girl. either way it was wonderful that they all showed up!

i was overwhelmed by the graciousness i recieved after the service. even Joel said it was terrific! it felt wonderful!

we came home and i crashed for an hour or so. then we had to head up to the nursing home as it was my turn to host the service there (all the ministers in town take turns). it was a little strange since i had never done one before. however, it helps to have a daughter who knows how to play one hymn on the piano and another who sings acopella beautifully. the girls performed and were very sweet.

after the service we spent 30 minutes or so with the nicest couple at the home. we heard funny stories and just enjoyed listening to them and watching them interact. they will have their 67th anniversary in the next few weeks! i almost cried a few times while we talked. i was just filled with so much joy knowing that this is part of my "job." how great is that? as part of my "job" i get to set and talk with wonderful people!

i cannot imagine a better day! i can't remember the last time when i have felt so incrediably grateful. God has definately blessed us beyond measure!


Iris said…
Praise God, HipChick! I am so happy for you! Yay!
hip2B said…
Hooray for you!
mompriest said…
YAY!!! remember this day when you have a tough day...may you have many days this good!
Kim in KCK said…
Isn't it great!?!? Congratulations on your new-found freedom. I'm glad for you that Protection failed. (Sounds awful, doesn't it!)

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